Why The Clement Canopy Is A Great Place For Families With Kids

The Clement Canopy is one of the latest developments by Singapore Homes and UOL Venture Investments. This property will be under construction at one of the prime locations in Singapore at the Clementi Ave 1 in District 05. The Clement Canopy is one of the best places to live in. This project has some amenities near it, and one of the best parts about this site is that it has some fantastic schools near it which are highly beneficial.


Why The Clement Canopy Is Great for Parents

Apart from offering luxury housing and comfortable accommodation shortly, this property is located near some schools which include Nan Hua High School, Clementi Primary High School, Pei Tong, Kent Ridge Secondary School, Clementi Woods Kindergarten and Tanglin Secondary School. It gives parents a wide choice to choose from. All these schools provide some of the best education you will find in Singapore, and the list mentioned above also includes some of the best ISS International and Global Indian schools which are a few km away from the project.

The Advantages Of Having A School Close To Home:

Makes Kids Independent

When you have a school in proximity to your home, children can walk to school. You won’t need to drive them to school or wait for a bus to come pick them up. It makes trains kids to manage time and not to depend on others to drop them or pick them up from school.


If there’s a school in proximity, it saves a lot of time that your child would have invested in traveling to school and back. A simple walk is all it takes, and this leaves kids with more time to do something productive.

Cost Saving

You will end up saving a lot of money on fuel or travel either way. There’s no need to hire the school bus or hail a cab for your kid; they can just walk or ride a bicycle.

Health Care

One of the best parts about having a school that is close to home is the health factor. The parents are always concerned about the well-being of their kids. Knowing that your child is just a walk away will make you feel more secure than them being in another corner of the city. In case, he is not feeling well; you can approach him quickly.

Multiple Options

The best part about living in The Clement Canopy is that the choice of schools is vast, and this enables parents to pick the best school for their kid. Since The Clement Canopy project is at Clementi Ave 1 in District 05, the neighborhood is large and most kids here go to the schools that are close to the project. It helps kids to make more friends that they can interact with outside of the school too. It increases their social skills.

The number of benefits that come with living near a school is immense, and when you choose The Clement Canopy, you have a broad range of schools to choose from which makes it a great place to live.

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